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Soñadora has two luxury villas across each other nestled on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. Each villa is large and roomy, with three bedrooms, each with an attached full private bathroom.

Each villa also includes a private infinity pool, and each of the two master bedrooms in each villa has its own private jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation. The beautiful beach can be accessed directly from the villas. The resort is staffed by some of the best people in the hospitality industry, and they treat each guest like royalty.

The interiors are modern and sleek, complementing the natural beauty outside. The architecture provides a blend of natural lighting, ventilation, and comfort.

Each villa is spacious and intelligently planned to provide the ultimate in pleasure and relaxation. They are completely air-conditioned. Each villa has a large, completely operable kitchen for use if you wish to cook for yourself.

The indoors and outdoors harmonize to provide a perfect balance between natural beauty and manmade ambiance. You can enjoy the tranquil sea quietly lapping on the white sand. You can revel in the gorgeous sunsets as the bright blue sky transforms into shades of amethyst and ruby.

You can lounge in the natural scenery, becoming one with the breathtaking sand and sea. Or you can attain the height of relaxation by doing nothing at all.

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